Jetson Xavier NX missing soundcard


I am currently trying to get an audio output on the I2S pins of the Jetson Xavier NX Board. My current problem is the missing soundcard for I2S (jetsonxaviernxa).

When I list up all recognized soundcards using cat /proc/asound/cards only the HDA card shows up.

Do I need to do something before I can use the soundcard or is this a different problem?


Hi tjamboeck,

Please refer to Audio Troubleshooting if can help


Please attach the entire output from ‘dmesg’ so we can see what is happening on boot. Have you made any modifications to the kernel or device-tree?


I have attached my dmesg output below.
dmesg_output.txt (59.6 KB)

Someone else used the NX before me and i can’t tell if he made some changes to the kernel or device tree. But, I am currently reinstalling the operating system so I can work with an clean environment.


The output from dmesg shows …

[    1.917184] tegra-asoc: sound: Can't retrieve clk clk_m
[    1.917225] tegra-asoc:: probe of sound failed with error -2

Which would explain why the other soundcard is not there, however, it is not clear why this is happening. Yes sounds like a good idea to re-install L4T and see if the problem persists.


I finally got time to re-install L4T. Now the soundcard shows up.

Thanks for the help.