Jetson Xavier NX PCIE test mode

chip:Jetson Xavier NX
How does PCIe enter test mode?
Do you need to configure registers and what tools are used to configure them? thx!

Please refer to the compliance and tuning guide document in download center.

I don’t quite understand. I need some help.

Maybe you should learn to describe your problem instead of just saying “I don’t quite understand”.

I also don’t quite understand what you want to ask.

这么描述下吧,看到文档说让配置寄存器,如附件图片,但是没有说明使用什么工具或方式进行配置? 另外问下是否配置这些寄存器后就可以出信号进行PCIE一致性测试了。

Please try to translate your problem to English so that other people can read.

Isn’t the customer God?
Why do you try to translate?

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue any more.
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Is this still an issue?

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