Jetson Xavier NX pin mux and GPIO settings?


Question about reading the Jetson Zavier NX pinmux spreadsheet. I am working on my own carrier card for this module and am needing more GPIO than what the reference carrier card provides. I see in the PIN Muxing Column a sub column for GPIO… some pins don’t have a name and some do, like for SDMMC_CLK pin 229 it can also be GPIO3_PO.00. Can any signal pin that has a GPIO name option be used as a GPIO and also its pin direction be dictated by the Pin Direction column? For example if I wanted to use pin 229 (default SDMMC_CLK) I could make it GPIO3_PO.00 and make its pin direciton BiDirectional?


hello marvin.nicholson,

you may have customization, please update the customer usage in the spreadsheets.
please also check developer guide, Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier Series MB1 Platform Configuration.