GPIO Module Pin Mappings for Linux

I am trying to interact with various GPIOs in Linux on Xavier NX.
I am unable to find any datasheets or references that contain a mapping of module or SOC GPIO pins to the Linux sysfs or gpiochip offset numbers.
Following a guide sent by one of the nvidia AEs resulted in a chart missing all but a handful of the pin names, most of which were only related to the pins available on the 40-pin header on a Dev Kit board.
I am sure this information must be available somewhere but none of the documented methods I have found have contained the information I need.

hello banks.troutman,

please check this topic, it should helps you out, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX GPIO Header Pinout - JetsonHacks

I have already reviewed this blog and not found the information I need. Additional GPIO pins aside those listed on the linked blog post are available, and I need the pin information for those. I am looking for official NVidia documentation.

hello banks.troutman,

may I know which pin you’re looking for?

you may download pinmux spreadsheets to check the ball name and its GPIO names.
here’s developer guide for your reference, To check the GPIO number, you may export the pin to sysnode for controlling.

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