The question about GPIO

Hi,When I want to use GPIP to output rising edge, I often don’t give enough voltage value.
I am using BCM mode, pin=5 (Jetson Xavier NX)
Any ideas how to setup gpio for push-pull output?
or how to fix this?

hello 13269463917,

could you please confirm which Jetson platform you’re using, is it Orin NX or Xavier NX?
is this pin=5 the J12 header named I2C1_SCL? for example, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX GPIO Header Pinout - JetsonHacks

My Jetson platform is Xavier NX.
From the JETSON_NX_PIN_DEFS in GPIOPinData.cpp , the name of the pin with value 5 is “GPIO_01” and “SOC_GPIO041”.

I am moving this topic to Xavier NX series

OK,thank u

hello 13269463917,

you may download pinmux spreadsheets and change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.
please check this session for the steps, Pinmux Changes.

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