Jetson NX GPIO

Hi , I am running into a problem 。 We are working on a project 。Using jetson NX module to detect button is pressed or not 。But there are only two GPIO (gpio421 and gpio422)can be used as expected, I can tell the difference between button is pressed or not with Pull-down resistor through their /sys/class/gpio/gpio421/value and /sys/class/gpio/gpio422/value。But other GPIOs like gpio268 、gpio424 and gpio 393 are set to pwm 。So , I am wondering if there is any way for me to change these pwm pins into pins like gpio421 or gpio 422。Because right now ,two GPIOs can’t satisfy our requirement,we have 7 buttons to press。

Hi, please refer to the Xavier NX pinmux sheet. You can choose the pin which “customer usage” can be set as “GPIO”.

ok,i will try it,thanks

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