Jetson Xavier NX GPIO - HIGH ERROR

I’m using the Jetson xavier NX module.

Jetpack 4.6
python 3.6.9

We are conducting button & LED experiments using GPIO.
However, when the button is pressed, the LED keeps on becoming HIGH.

Even if you pull out the jump line and put it back in, it’s still HIGH.

I downloaded it from this site and did not operate anything else.

The buttons are pin1 (3.3v), pin6 (GND), and pin18.
The LEDs are pin6 (GND) and pin12.
The resistance on the button is 10k, and the resistance on the LED is 330.

It’s a picture of a circuit diagram and code.

Maybe you can change the resistance 10K to 1K to try.

please also check application note for GPIO Usage Considerations.

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