Xavier_NX,40-Pin Expansion Header

I want to operate on gpio9, but there is no result.

May I ask you a few questions:

1.Port inconsistency.
This link:https://jetsonhacks.com/nvidia-jetson-xavier-nx-gpio-header-pinout/

GPIO9 is gpio436.

But,this file<Jetson_Xavier_NX_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_v1.0.pdf> about 40-Pin Expansion Header,

GPIO9 is 211.
So,What is GPIO9 corresponding to?

2.How to operate GPIO9
Jetson Linux Path is /sys/class/gpio,I did the following:
2.1“ech 436 > export”,The folder that appears is“PQ.01”.
2.2 cd PQ.01;
echo “out” > direction;
echo “1” > value;
so,I used a multimeter to measure the change in pin and there was no 3.3V voltage.

Looking forward to answers.

  1. It is pin 211, please refer to official doc only.
  2. GPIO09 is GPIO3_PS.04. You should check the pinmux setting in pinmux sheet file in DLC first.


so,echo 211 > export in /sys/class/gpio?
write error?

echo 436 > export,why is PQ.01? this what?

How to operate it?





跟你說明一下pinmux欄位上的意義. 你好像搞錯了
GPIO9 → pin的名字
211 → 這根pin在module上的物理編號. 跟軟體使用上完全沒有關聯
GPIO3_PS.04 → 代表這根pin對應的gpio是 PS.04. 不知道你的PQ.01哪來的. 那應該是別根


  1. 先去Jetson上看你的gpio編號是幾號
sudo -s
root@tegra-ubuntu:/home/nvidia# cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio |grep PS
 gpio-449 (PS.00               )
 gpio-450 (PS.01               )
 gpio-451 (PS.02               )
 gpio-452 (PS.03               )
 gpio-453 (PS.04               )  -> 這根是你要的
 gpio-454 (PS.05               )
 gpio-455 (PS.06               )
 gpio-456 (PS.07               )
  1. 從(1)得知PS04對應號碼是453, 去/sys/class/gpio 將它export出來
    echo 453 > /sys/class/gpio

  2. 進去gpiochip453目錄進行操作

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Oh, my god,
This is just what I wanted.
Thank you.

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