Jetson Xavier NX suppor NVMe SSD max speed

Now I insert 960 EVO NVMe ssd to NX.It can be used ,but copy file is slow (200M/s).
The NVMe max speed is 1800-3200M/s.Who can tell me why.Thanks.

Hi 359511463,

What tool are you test copy speed?

Just use the ‘cp’ command in shell.

In addition , Drop in frame rate (4056*3040 9.75 FPS) when simultaneously turning on Video0 & Video1 to capture and save raw data with V4L2 -CTRL,and it is normal to capture only without saving the original data frame rate.

Look here to see what performance is possible: DevKit NVMe performance

I suggest to open another topic for your frame rate/video issue…

Hi dkreutz,thanks.I’ll try it. But the frame rate drops only when saving the raw data, other times normal.
So I think it’s a storage device problem.

Hi zwc.leo,

Please set to max performance mode and using iozone tool to test read/write performance.

$ sudo apt-get install iozone3
Test Commands:
1. Seq R/W : 
$ iozone -ecI -+n -L64 -S32 -s64m -r1024k -i0 -i1 -l8 -u8 -m -t8 -F /mnt/file1 /mnt/file2 /mnt/file3 /mnt/file4 /mnt/file5 /mnt/file6 /mnt/file7 /mnt/file8 
2. Randrom R/W : 
$ iozone -ecI -+n -L64 -S32 -s64m -r4k -i0 -i2 -l8 -u8 -o -m -t8 -F /mnt/file1 /mnt/file2 /mnt/file3 /mnt/file4 /mnt/file5 /mnt/file6 /mnt/file7 /mnt/file8  

HI carolyuu,
I use the tools test the ssd is good(3.2G/s).But I need capture raw data (8M * 30fps ) from two sensor by v4l2-ctl.
The frame rate has reduced when capture Raw data(total 27fps).


Why is there an issue on sensor while this topic is for NVMe SSD? If these two are not related, please file a new one. Thanks.

Have you solved it? I think I have similar problem now, I use jetson nano and also have so slow write speed when copy file to ssd, and will lost many data when I use ros to record bags.

No,I have not sloved it.