Low writing speed with Jetson NX devkit + SDcard

Hi all,
I have been obstacles more than a week with writing image HDx60fps to SDcard
I currently need to write to SDcard fast. My sdcard is SamSung 64gb evo plus uhs-i / u3 / class 10 (read speed upto 100MB/s and write speed upto 60MB/s), jetson NX devkit, jetpack 4.5.1, max performance and jetson-clocks enabled.
However I tested by sudo gnome-disks, write speed is only 19MB/s.
I searched several same topics but I misunderstood something.

I don’t know where to modify max-clk-limit, patch, .dtsi file.
This is several output from my jetson-NX.

Many thanks for your help.

Those topics are not for you. They are custom board case. Not devkit. Those users make their own custom board with extra sdcard slot and sdcard was slow on their side.

I don’t think there is any fix for your issue here. Please also try other sdcard or also other tools like iozone to do the test.

Thanks for support,
I run this command and get write speed ~40MB/s. It seem to is my mistake.
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk bs=4K count=1000000

Thank you.