Xavier NX SD Card Write Speed

Hi There,

I am experimenting playing with different SD card on a Xavier NX using a Connectech Quark carrier board, and I cannot get any sustained write speeds above ~20MB/s.

Using the same cards plugged into a Xavier AGX, I can get write speeds on the order of 3x or more faster.

Any ideas on how I get the Xavier NX to write at the same speeds? Currently I am trying both V30 and V90 cards and both seem to be capped at 20MB/s.

Thanks for the help.

Please contact ConnectTech for this issue.

Hi @pierce

If you haven’t already, please reach out via Connect Tech’s Customer Support Form - a member of our support team will get back to you and help you work through your issue.


Thanks @WayneWWW and @kprice1. I Will reach out to ConnectTech directly.