Jetson Xavier NX video decoding h.265 and H.264 performance difference


I am working on using Jetson as an edge device for decoding multiple video streams-then to run object classification.

When looking at the spec sheet Jetson Modules | NVIDIA Developer
H.265 decode 32channels while H.264 only 16ch.
32x 1080p30 / (H.265)
16x 1080p30 / (H.264)

From my understanding, this should be the other way around, since 265 is more complicated and needs more compute to decode.
can you tell me why this is true?

thank you so much for your input!

Not sure for this case, but it seems you are assuming that it is compute-bound, while it may also be bandwidth-limited, and H265 acheiving lower bitrates may be the explanation.

hum. that’s a new point of view.
but bandwidth of 1G network is normal, and 1080p30 1stream of H.264 should be around 5Mbps or smaller, so difficult to think that would be the constraint.
and internal bus bandwidth should be much higher, wouldn’t it?

On Xavier, hardware h265 codec engine can do 8K decoding, so you will see better performance in multiple-instance HEVC decoding.
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