Jetson Xavier shutdown

I’m working with the Nvidia Jetson Xavier AGX dev kit.
When I issue in linux the command:
shutdown -h now

I would expect the device to stay halted. Not sure if it should also power off. But instead it comes back up shortly.

Basically wondering where I need to look and what to configure to get it to power off and stay off via a software command.

I have basic knowledge of linux shutdown and ACPI but missing some pieces.

hello jonathan.kehler,

you may use --help commands to enable option descriptions.
for example,

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo shutdown --help
shutdown [OPTIONS...] [TIME] [WALL...]

Shut down the system.

     --help      Show this help
  -H --halt      Halt the machine
  -P --poweroff  Power-off the machine
  -r --reboot    Reboot the machine
  -h             Equivalent to --poweroff, overridden by --halt
  -k             Don't halt/power-off/reboot, just send warnings
     --no-wall   Don't send wall message before halt/power-off/reboot
  -c             Cancel a pending shutdown

Assuming you used “sudo” with the “shutdown -h now” it should stay off. Any kind of power off/on would possibly make some Jetson models turn on again, but the default for the Xavier AGX dev kit is to not auto turn on (the NX is a different story).

If for some reason the Xavier is turning and should not, then I’d get a serial console log starting from just before the “sudo shutdown -h now” is issued, and up to end of the reboot.