Jetson Xavier Video decoding/encoding

Hi Sir

Xavier can support below list?

Video Decoding : 1. 12x 4K@30/25fps HEVC Main 8
2. 52x 1080p30/25fps H.264 (Base, Main, High)
3. 50x MPEG-4 Part 2 Minimum 480p30/25fps
Video Encoding : 1. 8x 4K@30/25fps or 32x 1080p30/25 HEVC Main
2. 30x 1080p30fps/25fps H.264 (Base, Main, High)

BR Leif

Please refer to [Software Features] - [Jetson AGX Xavier Software features] - [Multimedia]

It lists max capability of video encoder and decoder.

Where can I get the example of video decoding/encoding in C code?



You may install system image and software packages through SDKManager. After the installation, the samples are in