JetsonXavierNX Mass production image burning problem

Hello, our company uses products made by JetsonXavierNX solution. Now it has entered the mass production stage. What solutions can improve the efficiency of image burning?
At present, there are methods: is written one-to-one, which is inefficient
2. Use the tool provided by README_Massflash.txt document to burn one-to-many Jetson products, but the burn process still takes about 30 minutes

Is the Flashing to Multiple Jetson Devices method, BSP package -README_Massflash.txt, the most efficient?


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Ok, thanks. Hungry for answers.

Hi Tiger_HxH,

Please just refer to the instructions from README_Massflash.txt,
Or the Workflow 6: Initrd Massflash from README_initrd_flash.txt

You could also refer to the following setup for flashing multiple jetson device at a time.
How to create and flash the all in one image - #8 by Mt.Hiker

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