JupyterLab download command error

I have my Jetbot running and was able to successfully gather the free and blocked images for collision avoidance. I also successfully processed them into a best_model.pth. What I can’t do is download anything from the JupyterLab File Browser with a download command. I get a permission error. My UNIX (Ubuntu) permission and ownership knowledge is very rusty. I could use a little guidance here. My work-around is a USB memory stick.


Hello DavidGSommers,

It sounds like the Web browser issue on your client machine side.
What web browser (Chrome?) and OS (Windows 10?) do you use?
Would you try downloading the file with your anti-virus software temporarily disabled?

Thank you for responding.

I tried the Chrome-based EDGE and straight Chrome in Windows 10, and I tried Chromium in Ubuntu 18.04 and Firefox in Windows 10. That’s three separate computers with the same result. I do have two workarounds, so I was able to complete the task. I find it odd that I am the only person on Earth who has this problem. I will add that to the list of issues I have run into since I started working with computers in 1978 that no one else on Earth has ever seen. It’s a very long list.