K2 in HP ProLaint DL380 Gen9 server - I NEED POWER

I purchased a new HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 server, and all of the necessary parts, and upgrades as specified by NVIDIA/HP agreed specifications.

I know I created my own issue by trying to save money purchasing an NVIDIA GRID K2 card through some site "out there". But it came without the proper power cabling for connecting the 6 and/or 8 pin aux power connectors on the GRID K2 to the HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 server PCI riser.

NVIDIA seems to have no way to contact them through support except by way of a web form that I have filled out 17 times that have gone unanswered. I have gone to my vendor where I got the ProLiant server in hopes they could get the cable for me, or at least some sort of part numbers to work from. The Vendor, and indeed HP support have failed to be of any use because it is something that should have "come with the NVIDIA card". Throwing it back to NVIDIA.

So I and pleading with someone at NVIDIA to help me track down this power cabling so I can finish a XenServer/XenDesktop project that was started last FALL.

Thank anyone for any help in advance.


Hi Whitemikey,

NVIDIA don’t make or ship these power components as they are server specific and the OEM usually ship with the cards.

I have contacted HP myself and asked what the components are (part numbers etc) and what mechanisms are available to purchase them… we’ll see how I get on.

I’m sorry the contact form was unanswered. Can you supply a link to it (so I know which one) and I’ll investigate with the support teams. How long did you wait for a reply?

Best wishes,

One of my colleagues has indicated this document may help: http://resource.boschsecurity.com/documents/HP_QickSpecs_DL380G9_Special_enUS_20590180875.pdf

He believes that you will probably need a power board as well as cables.

Still waiting for HP reply (but not surprising as west coast USA and I’m in EMEA so it’s still the middle of the night there).


Hello, thank you for the replies.

I hope HP replies to you. They have not been helpful to me in this. I also assumed it was more of an HP issue.

As far as the server components, I followed the recommended configuration from a Citrix document that apparently had some sort of approval from HP and NVIDIA as a correct configuration. Below are the major components of this configuration as documented.

HP Part Number Quantity Description
719064-B21 1 HP DL380 GEN9 8SFF CTO SERVER
719064-B21 #ABA 1 HP DL380 GEN9 8-SFF CTO SERVER
726719-B21 16 HP 16GB 2RX4 PC4-2133P-R KIT

The PCI Riser card HAS the needed power connection to feed the 8 and/or 6 pin aux power on the GRID K2 card. The only departure was that I could get a GRID card from another vendor for a couple grand($) less than the almost 7 grand price tag of the HP supplied card, last item in this list. I am betting this is where I went wrong, as undoubtedly this part number 753958-B21 probably comes with the connectors I need. I am not about to send the card back because I have had it for 7 months as this project was shelved for some time after the components were purchased. It is only this month that I have begun to build the server that I find this connector is absent.

It’s just the connector I need. How difficult can this be?

Thank you!

669777-B21 seems to be what you are askign for: see
669777-B21 HP 150W PCI-E Power Cable Kit

Although you should verify this with the supplier and HP.

One caveat that you may find is that there are generic GRID cards and OEM specific ones, a fewer server models ship with modified VBIOS that contain a different PLX version to the generic on. This is nor the norm. But I am aware a few HP servers for GRID 1.0 cards K1/K2 did do this. nvidia-smi reports the VBIOS version but not the PLX version.

If you experience difficulties in PCIe recognition etc. in the first instance I would request an updated VBIOS direct from HP (even if it has the same number VBIOS) your card might be carryign an incompatible PLX version. I’m afraid this is not something NVIDIA can help you with but hopefully this info should help you talk to HP support if needed to get a solution rapidly with the background information.

This is one of the occassional pitfalls of that grey market. Hopefully whereever you got the K2 from did sell it specifically for HP servers though but one to keep in back of mind.


Only HP supply the K1/K2 with HP specific VBIOS.

HP publish their PLX firmware here


However note that the part number and serial will not match this firmware in the event of any support issues.

I can see where this is going and want to avoid purchasing the HP specific NVIDIA GRID K2 card.

I appreciate the added information. I guess we’ll get to that point once I get the card powered correctly. One thing, the XenServer seems to see and even uses the card in a native mode on the server with basic drivers. Then I added the Linux specific NVIDIA drivers for the card, and the Xen server DOES recognizes the card and gives me the additional options for configuring the client pass-through in Xen, and the new drivers are even smart enough to tell me that the card is not fully enabled because of the power limitation. I am hoping this is all a good sign that the card will function once powered.

I do have concerns about the part number you gave me, I know that the picture might not be the same as the actual part described, but links to the part number you supplied, such as this one…


… comes up with a picture with some connections that I am pretty sure will not work in my situation. I don’t recognize these flat connectors but I know that the HP riser does not have such connectors. The flat connector <<<<LOOKS>>>> like some sort of SATA connector. Since I cannot find any detailed specifications of the part, I cannot determine if its just a wrong picture or not.

Now the following <<<<LOOKS>>>> like what I need:


I am not saying this is the one, but the PCI riser card has a 10 pin female connector on it for power, the K2 card has an 8pin and 6pin female connectors on it. I know that the card MUST get 150W more power from the server whether it is through only the 8pin connector or BOTH the 8pin and 6pin connectors.

I need to verify that the part number you supplied does have the necessary connectors to plug into the riser board 10pin connector and either the 8pin, or 8pin AND 6pin connector on the K2 card.

Thank you again for your help.


Ok, some success!

The power cable I am looking for CAME WITH THE PCI RISER CARD! I was assuming this to be an NVIDIA part, but it’s the HP part #670728-001. CAN YOU CONFIRM THIS BEFORE I GO PLUG IT IN?

This still doesn’t mean the card will work based on your comments about OEM, BIOS, and firmware specific to the HP version of the K2 card, but I’ll find out tomorrow!

Thank you in advance!


I’m afraid I don’t know, cables, power supplies and riser kits are all supplied by OEMs. Really now you have the part number you should go back to HP support. It’s their product and I work for NVIDIA :-D

Do keep us updated on hwat you find out.

Best wishes,

Any update…