[KDE Plasma/Wayland/GBM] The contents of buffers become invalid after closing a window. [495-510]

When I try with KDE Plasma 5.23 and 5.24, I see that the Breeze theme is not working correctly. Breeze theme has no blur and random shapes appear. As if the compositor is not working. KDE developer told me it’s NVIDIA’s driver issue.
This is a frustrating problem. I hope it will be resolved soon.

More detailed page here : 448917 – NVIDIA/Wayland - Breeze Theme Has No Blur And Random Shapes Appear


I’m also experiencing this issue with my GTX 1080, 3 monitors. It happens nearly without fail when right clicking the desktop, happens most of the time when minimizing a window, and happens sometimes when maximizing, moving, or closing windows. It also seems to get worse with time as the panel becomes more and more corrupted. Notifications experience the same issue, frequently becoming a box of random artifacts. No such graphical corruption issues when I had an AMD GPU in my system using the AMDGPU driver.

Reproduction steps:
1.) Log into Plasma Wayland session (latest stable 5.23.5 or beta 5.24, doesn’t matter) with Nvidia driver 495 or 510.
2.) From what I’ve experienced is most likely to trigger it, right click the desktop or minimize a window a few times.
3.) Observe graphical corruption on KDE panels and notifications.

I’m not sure how useful this will be considering it should be easily reproducible internally, but I’ve linked a screenshot showing what it looks like (It’s random which pattern it has, just what I happened to capture) as well as the output of nvidia-bug-report.sh. My only option was external hosts as trying to upload directly to nvidia forums kept saying “something went wrong, try again.”
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/5x0MNHY.png
nvidia-bug-report.sh log: https://mega.nz/file/0R1iSARR#n1lIsoM3vzMPNIJ3c13kxKjsvPfTlUnllvK1UTZjOlE

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Same here… thought I would try wayland again after upgrading to KDE 5.24 stable. The experience started out great and I was considering switching permanently, but then this happened and I went back to X11. There was also something similar in Brave browser… specifically when twitch chat started scrolling, the whole chat panel was flashing with overlapping text.

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Here to +1. It is as the OP:s screenshot show, artifacts especially on panel seemingly at random UI updates. Arch Linux, KDE 5.24.4, KDE Frameworks 5.93.0, QT version 5.15.3. RTX 3090, driver 510.60.02. nvidia-drm.modeset=1

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It’s been months and they still haven’t fixed it. There is really nothing to say. NVIDIA just hurts.

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I was about ready to bump this post, y’all beat me to it! But yea, at least something to tell us it’s being looked into would be greatly appreciated.

I tested it again yesterday with the latest Manjaro kde-unstable daily build on live boot, still broken.

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Wow is Nvidia sleeping on this thread compared other recents on “Linux” category.

I’d take even the artificial “we’ll let Linux developers know” response at this point. Pls. Fix.

We have filed a bug internally 3621203 for tracking purpose, shall keep updated on it.


Hey @amrits how can we get updates on 3621203

I am currently using KDE Plasma but I have tested Wayland on Gnome 41 and 42, I had similar issues on there too. So it is a general Wayland issue with nvidia’s proprietary drivers. Can you please note that too? Thanks.

We have been able to duplicate issue at our end and currently debugging it.
I will be updating here with the progress and you are always welcome to ask for the updates or any other information if required here itself.


This patch should fix the blur / panel-corruption issue platforms/drm: set read buffer in GbmSurface::makeContextCurrent (!2358) · Merge requests · Plasma / KWin · GitLab

A possible work around until that makes it into a release is to disable the “background contrast” desktop effect (system settings → workspace behavior → desktop effects).

Note that there is a separate, unrelated issue that can occasionally cause plasmashell’s tool-tip windows to not render correctly, for example if you move the mouse from one system-tray icon to another. The root cause of that is Calling wl_egl_window_resize from different thread broken · Issue #52 · NVIDIA/egl-wayland · GitHub. Unfortunately the fix for that will likely be more involved.


Thank you Erik, very cool! I liked the work you did on bringing XWayland support as well.

Kwin merge got milestoned to 5.25, so good timing.