Kernel customization issue

We are building custom following the instructions in the document

After building the (kernel,dtbs,modules) when we make changes to sources and build the (kernel ,dtbs,modules) , the changes are not getting reflected . Same old modules are in the built folder.

How do we resolve this?

What changes? You can compare the resulting “/proc/config.gz” and see if your features made their way in, but often if you build a new kernel with new features and the result does not show up, then it implies installation of the kernel was incorrect.

It is preferable if you have a new kernel with a new CONFIG_LOCALVERSION to add a second kernel entry in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” rather than replacing the original kernel.

  • What was your CONFIG_LOCALVERSION?
  • What is your booted “uname -r”?
  • Did you install the kernel via a copy of the Image file to “/boot”?
  • Did you rename the Image to something other than just Image?
  • Did you instead try to use flashing to install the kernel?
  • What is the content of your current “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”?