KLT Feature Tracker VPI sample code execution times difference

1,2,3- sudo ./build/vpi_sample_06_klt_tracker cuda /opt/nvidia/vpi1/samples/assets/dashcam.mp4 /opt/nvidia/vpi1/samples/assets/dashcam_bboxes.txt

three times I execute KLT Feature Tracker VPI sample code same conditions, backend as cuda and logged each frame processing time. Each one is diffrent. some frame difference is more huge.

I expect it to be the same but not why?

platform is jetson xaiver nx jetpack 4.6.


Have you maximized and fixed the GPU clocks with the following command?

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ sudo jetson_clocks

Please noted that Jetson by default uses dynamic power mode.
The variance of execution time is expected to be larger under the dynamic frequency.