L4T Multimedia API version issue

I want to get the version 32.3.1 of L4T Multimedia API.But I can not find…
url: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?search=Multimedia%20API
I just can see L4T Multimedia API Reference version 32.3.1.

Is the version 32.3.1 of L4T Multimedia API on the way?
can I use the version 32.2.3 of L4T Multimedia API with L4T Sources(verson:32.3.1) together?

Please install it through SDKManager. After installation, you will see it in


Online document is in

No. The release versions have to be matched.

Has this changed for L4T 32.3.1? I don’t see it installed in the below path on the Xavier:

Is it possible to install just the Multimedia API without flashing L4T all over again?

The samples is in SDK Components and you can install it through SDKManager.