LAG(linux bonding)

i am using dgx 1v and setup infiniband 4 card by ipoib.

as i know infiniband only support active-backup. if i bond when does the rdma work only the active card? or works together with the slave cards?

Hi Seungsuk Ryu,

IPoIB bonding is exactly the same as Ethernet bonding and it should support all types of bonds.

Tested bond types are:

mode=0 (Balance Round Robin)

mode=1 (Active backup)

mode=2 (Balance XOR)

mode=4 (802.3ad)

and it can be dual port card or 2 single ports cards.

In active-backup mode only the active slave’s physical port works (until the the active slave changes).



i have one more question.

Is it possible to use RMDA with Infiniband card(Tpye Infiniband) bonded?

Hi Chen,

I can’t seem to have mode=0 working, only mode=1 at the moment.

Can you explain a bit more how this is done? Besides, the following mellanox article states that " the only meaningful bonding policy in IPoIB is High-Availability (bonding mode number 1, or “active-backup”)", which get me even more confused.