Let's meet up at GTC

GTC 2014 kicks off Monday morning in San Jose. Two of the three keynote talks will feature OptiX. In particular, Pixar’s keynote talk on Wednesday will go into detail on their OptiX-based lighting preview tool that first showed at Siggraph last summer and is now rolling out in production.

Eight more talks focus on OptiX. See the complete list here: http://registration.gputechconf.com/quicklink/9ndYk2d

The OptiX tutorial will be at 2:30 Monday in room 210D. That will be me, James, and two special guests: Jan Tománek, CEO of AAA Studios and Damien Fagnou of Moving Picture Company.

For our many non-rendering customers I recommend this talk:
S4260 - Crash, Boom, Bang! Leveraging Game Physics and Graphics APIs for Scientific Computing

All of these talks will be streamed later, and at least the keynotes streamed live. Go to http://www.gputechconf.com for details.

Finally, the OptiX team would love to meet up with all of you who will be at the conference. We have a Dinner with Strangers reservation for OptiX aficionados at Louisiana Bistro (19 N Market St.), Tuesday at 7:00. Try to sign up on the boards in the conference center if you plan to come. If this doesn’t work, come to our talks and chat with us afterward mail us at OptiX-Help@nvidia.com for a time to meet up.

See you there.