LI VENUS IMX623 Camera is not being detected and can't launch the stream

Hi all,

We’re currently working with the setup below

Jetson AGX Orin devKit → LI MIPI ADPT 4 CAM → LI MAX9296 Deserializer → LI VENUS IMX623 Camera

We directly flashed the board with a precompiled Image and DTB for 8 camera (L4T 35.3), there the 8 video devices from /dev/video0 to /dev/video7, but the capture doesn’t work with v4l or argus, the serializer of the camera is not detected by i2c detect and there is many write errors in the deserializer side as the following

In the serializer side

It’s mentionned that the ports A/B must be connected to all cameras, currently, we have only one camera, is this can be related to the issue ?

Thank you per advance for your support

You may need to check the power/reset for the device if i2c failed.
Also probe the i2c signal to confirm if the device ack for the i2c command.

@ShaneCCC I think it’s due to a misconfiguration from drivers part, i updated the deserializer driver and i am able to communicate with the serializer of the camera, but still can’t launch the stream

With Leopard Imaging compiled binaries, the camera is never detected…

Could you help on this.



Please make sure the driver was installed correctly. We tested the driver here, and we can see sensors (0x1a and 0x1c). The actual I2C address of IMX623 in this camera is 0x1b. However, this driver supports virtual channel (one MAX9296 supports two cameras), we set the I2C addresses of two sensors (under the same MAX9296) as 0x1a and 0x1c.


You can also check the I2C addresses in the device tree code we provided.

Hi @SimonZhu

Yes i got it, the driver is using virtual channels, we have the same output using i2cdetect with the UU as shown in the pic above, but there is no other i2c address from camera component, no camera is detected using the image and DTB from the drive.
Thats why we couldn’t find how to figure it out in fact that we only flashed the jetson with Image containing the driver.

Do you have any idea why the jeston is not able to detect the camera ?

Notice that after some modifications, we are able to detect the camera and the adress 0x1b appear but with Leopard Imaging Image and DTB nothing can be detected.

Thank you for your support

The I2C addresses of two MAX9295 serializers (under the same MAX9295) will be different too due to the virtual channel. If the MAX9295 is not configured correctly, we should not be able to see the sensor.
You can try the binary we provided in driver guide first. The cameras work properly with that binary.


We agree that there is only one binary (Image + DTB) for L4T 35.3.1 ?
We used this binary to test the camera, do you recommand to try the patch or retesting the binary ?
Currently, we’re using one LI IMX623 camer in port A and another gmsl2 max9295 in port b


Yes, there is only one binary in the driver guide (in Dropbox link in page1).
You can try the binary to get the video output first. We have instructions for how to flash OS image and install binary.
If you would like to re-compile the source code, then you can try the patches.
One IMX623 camera on port A and one other GMSL2 camera on port B should work. We can get video display from video0.


The issue was solved, it seems that it was related to setup which doesn’t suits to the drivers and DT requirements, to make the drivers write registers successfully, in port A of the deser, it has to be a serializer with 0x40 and in port b a serializer with an addr 0x62. Or both of the serializers of the camera must have 0x62 as serializer address.

Setup 1 (Not working)
LI VENUS IMX623 GMSL2 → In Deser MAX9296 Port A
LI AR0820 GMSL2 → In Deser MAX9296 Port B

Setup 2 (Working)
LI VENUS IMX623 GMSL2 → In Deser MAX9296 Port A
GMSL2 Camera with a MAX9295B ser with i2c addr 0x62 → In Deser MAX9296 Port B

Setup 3 (Working)
GMSL2 Camera with a MAX9295A ser with i2c addr 0x40 → In Deser MAX9296 Port B
LI VENUS IMX623 GMSL2 → In Deser MAX9296 Port B

You have also to unplug and plug again the power supply of the deserializer if the cameras were not initialized correctly before rebooting

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