libraries no documented in readme


the libary not documented in readme (for example)

in, the file exist, but in folder 32 (lib32) not

and if search references in my /usr/lib with

for i in $(find -name "*.so*") ; do ldd $i |grep; done

found nothing (include nvidia binaries)

this library is need?


Thanks for reporting this. I filed bug 1222452 to get the README updated. is needed by nvidia-xconfig to query the GPUs in the system. It’s optional in that if it can’t be found, nvidia-xconfig’s --enable-all-gpus option (and possibly others) won’t work.

om. oks. thanks for the info


in 319.12 still not documented

in 331.13 still not documented

and other libs:

Filed Bug 1387817 to track this issue: The README is missing a description for and