library not found for -lcutil_i386


I want to use cutCreateTimer,cutStartTimer … functions in my mex files. I have included cutil.h and add the link symbol -L/Developer/GPU Computing/C/lib -lcutil_i386 in makefile. But still get the error:
ld: library not found for -lcutil_i386
I check the folder /Developer/GPU Computing/C/lib and indeed there is a file named libcutil_i386.a.

My configuration: Mac OSX, Geforce 9400, Matlab R2010b
I guess the libcutil_i386 is 32 bit library. But should not be such error.

Can you help me? How can I use those timer functions if I want to measure the time in CUDA code?

Is this caused by the space in the folder name ? /GPU Computing/ ?
(I’m not sure, just asking )

Thank you for the reply. But I donot think so.

Because in the makefile, there is a similar folder name of inlcude file which has no problem when running it.