LIBTORCH with cxx11 ABI support

Hi admin, i am currently install cuda and cudnn success through jetpack on my tx2, and i want install Libtorch for c++ for my project. i see this link guide how to install pytorch: PyTorch for Jetson Nano - version 1.6.0 now available
But i dont no it have cxx11 ABI support or not, pls let me know.
Libtorch on computer can be download with this link: and my project can run if it have cxx11 ABI support, i also try install by apt-get install or pip but it wont work. so have cxx11 ABI help a lots:))
Thank for your support!!!

Hi @daothanhlong1111, I’m not entirely sure if it does or not - it would be if PyTorch uses C++11 by default when compiling, because I don’t set a special flag that changes that.

Perhaps if you test libtorch and find out one way or the other, you could let everyone know. Thanks.

Any news? I need to know if I can use Libtorch on Xavier inside a docker!