License Plate Recognition using Jetson Xavier NX

Are you struggling to capture color images of fast-moving vehicles without motion blur?

Introducing e-CAM24_CUNX from e-con Systems, an AR0234 based color global shutter camera.

To give you some perspective, an application like License plate detection is often complex due to the large visual variations in complex environments, such as motion blur and lighting changes.

Also, color information in plates helps to identify the registered location of a license plate which cannot be captured by monochrome cameras.

Understanding this, e-con systems has designed e-CAM24_CUNX that captures high-quality color images of objects even during continuous motion.

e-CAM24_CUNX is optimized with AR0234, a 1/2.6−inch 2Mp global shutter CMOS digital color image sensor that can capture images at a high frame rate up to 120fps which helps to reduce motion blur while capturing fast-moving objects and produce much smoother images, with greater details of the scene.

This camera has an inbuilt high-performance Image Signal Processor that helps to produce best-in-class video in uncompressed UYVY. Also, the camera uses MIPI-CSI2 Interface to plug into NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX developer kit.

To evaluate e-CAM24_CUNX, visit:

Great! Thanks for creating this awesome camera product for Jetson platforms.