E-con Systems launches camera for Jetson Xavier NX

We are very delighted to announce the launch of our most awaited e-CAM50_CUNX - 5MP MIPI camera for latest released NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX™ Developer Kit. This MIPI CSI-2 fixed focus color camera has brings out the best image quality from the sensor and making it ideal for next generation of AI devices.

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Features Benefits
2.2μm x 2.2μm pixel BSI technology with high signal to noise ratio (SNR) Collect more light and delivers superior image quality with lesser noise in lowlight.
High-performance Image Signal Processor (ISP) Performs all Auto functions (White Balance / Exposure) and brings out best-in-class uncompressed video
Readily available Linux binary with source code Enables rapid prototyping - faster time to market

Why e-con Systems’ camera for Jetson Xavier ?

e-CAM50_CUNX , the 5 MP camera for the latest NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX platform enabling edge-AI solutions comes with the out of the box camera evaluation allowing rapid prototyping and development. e-con systems’ expertise on imaging solutions enables support to development of critical solutions.

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this seems really interesting.

I do work with cameras and astronomy.

You can see my work here :

I mainly work with astronomy planetary camera (for now Sony IMX178 colour sensor) and i will look for a new camera by the end of the year (IMX294, IMX462 or IMX482 sensor).

My software works quite well and brings some interesting improvements with very low light conditions (using Jetson Nano or Jetson Xavier NX).

Would you be interested in sending me e-CAM50_CUNX for testing ? I could make some tests and if averything is fine, i could provide my software (special version for your camera). There is obligation, i have my own equipment and i can make some interesting work with it (i think AR0521 is not really better than IMX178).

If you are interested with my proposal, i would also need a very wide open and good quality CS lens (low focal but not too low; i don’t need a real fisheye).

Something else : would you consider IMX462 sensor ? I think it is quite good sensor and it could bring some interesting results. IMX482 is more interesting but could be a bit more expensive.

Have a nice day


Well, no answer.

Anyway, AR0521 is not exactly what i am looking for so no response is ok for me.

But do you plan to make cameras with good sensors or do you want to stay with very common sensor ?



We have plans to make cameras with some other sensors. Kindly write to “sales@e-consystems.com”, for more information


many thanks for the reply.

I am not really a “customer”. I work with astronomy camera for my project and i am looking for very good sensors so i guess it is not really necessary for me to get in touch with your sale department.

I was just trying to get in touch with you to see if some kind of tests were something interesting for you and me but it seems you are not really pleased with this proposal.

Have a nice day.


PS : i have just seen your website and none of the cameras you make are really interesting for my project. Sorry to have contacted you for nothing.

I will let you know if any of our cameras will be matching your requirements.

Many thanks !

If you get a sensor with big photosites, it could be interesting for me to test it with very low light conditions.

My software is ready but it is written with Python. If i can control gain & exposure time with python commands, i will be able to adapt it for your camera.

Have a nice day.