Linker failture after upgrade

Everytime Visual Studio upgrades which is pretty regularly now with the new way Microsoft pushes small updates more oftern the location of the linker is lost in pgfortran.

I can only ever resolve this by uninstalling and reinstalling the compiler. There has to be a better way of doing this. What do I need to update to get it working again?

Hi DMiddleton,

I agree. Installing/uninstalling every time there is a VS update is not ideal at all. Could you post the output from compiling something a simple program with -v? The -v will give verbose output about the point of failure.

The compilers, at install time, create a localrc file located in the bin/ directory of the installation. This RC file has the paths of where to find the visual studio components that PGI requires. Depending on the output from -v, the solution might be as simple to change an entry in the localrc file; feel free to post your localrc. Unfortunately we don’t have a script or anything to automate the process just yet.