Linux 3.10+ Driver crash

Check if booting with rcutree.rcu_idle_gp_delay=1 or running

sudo tee /sys/module/rcutree/parameters/rcu_idle_gp_delay <<<1

before loading the nvidia kernel module makes things better.

I tried doing this, but the problem still persists.

Same issue 325.15 650m (dell) 3.10.7
nvrm os_pci_init_handle invalid context!

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (47.2 KB)

I’m having a similar issue on similar hardware.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P with SLI dual 750ms.

Using Funtoo (Gentoo variant) and a custom-configured kernel, I am able to get the NVidia driver to load.

When running Xorg, relevant things (e.g. GLX) load and the NVidia splash screen/logo displays - indicating (I assume) that something’s working. However, then the screen goes black and the system hangs until I intervene (e.g. MagicSysReq UNRAW followed by reboot). Xorg logs don’t indicate any obvious issues.
xorg.log.txt (20.6 KB)
kernel-3.10.6-config.txt (73.2 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (70.8 KB)

NVIDIA internal bug id 1341332 .

I picked the wrong time to Switch back to linux. Have the same problem on ARCH 64bit linux

Same problem here with an HP Pavilion DV8-1290-ez with an GeForce GT 230M, using Archlinux 32 with kde.

Kernel is 3.10.7-1-ARCH and Nvidia is 325.15-3.

After 3 driver’s updates… Nothing new :( Unable to launch x, no screen found…

Almost one month unable to use my laptop :(

Can we wait for a response ?

FenDanT: You could downgrade your packages. Linux 3.9 works.

Not very usefull with Archlinux… It’s a rolling release… And without kernel’s updates… Where’s the interest ?

How is it not useful to be able to use your laptop? Sure you will not get to test the newest feature at this moment, but at least you can start X and any other graphical applications until the issue is resolved.

if you did a fresh install like me you dont even have linux kernel 3.9 and getting it through pacman is not exactly easy without a lot of work.

  • Download kernel 3.9 packages
  • Copy PKGBUILD directories from ABS for nvidia
  • Modify PKGBUILD to depend on kernel 3.9
  • Boot a live environment
  • Mount and chroot into your main environment
  • pacman -U /path/to/your/kernel/3.9.pkg.tar.xzs
  • cd modified PKGBUILD directory
  • makepkg -i
  • Reboot into your host environment
  • Use computer


BonghornLeghorn, Yes! we are able to reproduce this issue in house and issue being investigated. Once next driver released the Release Highlights will give information about fixed issues.

Thanks for the communication Sandip.

The feedback is very appreciated. I am sure a lot of us feel more at ease knowing that you can reproduce the issue and is also investigating.

My laptop actually has 2 video cards so i dont need to bother with all the chroot ness
i wish linux-ck-3.9 was in aur so i could just do a sudo aura -A linux-ck-3.9 or whatever the package is called. I’ll try to find a copy to download

I can confirm i got the same problem in my Razer Blade Pro with Arch Linux 64 bit. I made a full report on Arch Linux forum:

There is also an interesting thread going on in:

the Gnome 3 desktop still works but it is using another driver, not sure if it is an emulation one or the intel one because i cannot play Steam games such as dota 2.

I am using kernel 3.10.7-1 with driver 325.15-3
GPU is GTX 765M.

My desktop works (GTX 670) with kernel 3.10 on Arch x64, but my laptop does not unless I downgrade to kernel 3.9 and recompile (GT 650M). Looks to be Optimus related?

There’s been some indications that this is related to Optimus, even if it is not used (my Lenovo Y500 can only access the NVIDIA card for some reason).