Linux 3.6.x - hybrid suspend

Hi, I have laptop dell e6410 and I cant suspend to ram (s3) and hibernate to disk (S4). But when I enable hybrid suspend/hibernate I can resume computer from hibernation(when computer in the middle time will lose power) But I cant resume computer from suspend(when computer will not lose power in the middle time).
resume from suspend S3 -> work
resume from hibernate S4 -> work
resume from hibernate (hybrid) -> work
resume from suspend (hybrid) -> not work, I can login remote to ssh console and I see that X server hang and very often have flags Ds (not interruptible).

I tested It on 3.6.x, driver 304.xx and 310.14.
PS. I cant attach log.gz. Please rename file with log and remove “.jpg”

Thanks for reporting this issue. Is hybrid-suspend supported on your system? Please try command pm-is-supported --suspend-hybrid ; echo $? if output is 0 =supported, 1 =notsupported . Reference : . Is issue reproduce with open source driver nouveau ? Its good to first report issue on Arch Linux for root cause investigation. If root cause pointing to nvidia driver we will have a look.


It work but without X server resume.
I’ll test with nouveau.

“Its good to first report issue on Arch Linux for root cause investigation.”

I tested it on my own kernel 3.6.x (vanilla) and on kernel from distribution. And using native /proc and /sys interface without pm-tools too. So It is problem in kernel or in NV driver.


echo suspend > /sys/power/disk

cat /sys/power/disk
platform shutdown reboot [suspend]

echo disk > /sys/power/state


pm-is-supported --suspend-hybrid ; echo $?

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I dont have any problem on nouveau, Only on Nvidia drivers. Can you inform us when you will investigate it? :)

wodor, Thanks for this information. Please provide below information :

  • Desktop Environment you are using like KDE, GNOME, Unity etc…
  • Window Manager you are using Compiz, gnome-shell, Kwin, Unity etc…
  • Using any display manager like gdm, kdm etc…

I tested on many environments:
on : lxdm / xfce / compiz / pm-utils
on : lxdm / xfce / compiz / /sys/power/…
on : lxdm / xfce / xfwm4 / pm-utils
on : lxdm / xfce / xfwm4 / /sys/power/…
on : lxdm / fluxbox / /sys/power/…
on : commands : X && DISPLAY=:0 xterm & / echo disk > /sys/power/state (without any desktop environment and window manager)

Always I had that same issue.

additionally to boot scripts I added line which enabled hybrid suspend:

echo suspend > /sys/power/disk

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ps. Will you investigate it ?

hi, did you get it as a bug? Are you going to work on it?
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I have that same with 310.19.
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wodor, I tried to reproduce this issue with Dell E6410 on Ubuntu 12.10
l + kernel 3.6.6-030606-generic + 310.19 driver but no repro .

Hm, interesting, Can you supply nvidia-bug-report.log.gz ? I’ll check what is wrong with my configuration … or not

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I still have this problem on driver 313.09 and kernels: 3.6.x and 3.7.

Hi, I still have this problem on driver up to 313.18 and kernel up to 3.8 and 3.7. I don’t have idea what is wrong. PS. sandipt: Can you check it on vanilla kernel ?

I compiled 3.6.6 vanilla kernel with config from kernel v3.6.6-raring and problem still occur.