Is it possible to get reliable suspend/hibernation with Pascal Titan X on Ubuntu 16.04?

I’ve been trying for over a week to get suspend and hibernation working with Pascal Titan X on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (with all current updates installed). I’m using the NVIDIA 375.26 drivers, installed from the Ubuntu proprietary drivers repository.

My mainboard is a Gigabyte Z170-HD3P, and my processor an i7 6700K @4.00GHz

My main monitor (HDTV resolution) is plugged into the HDMI port of the Titan X. My secondary monitor (an old LG 1280x1024, using it just for terminals and auxiliary windows) is plugged via an DP->VGA adapter in the DP output which is next to the right of the HDMI port (so it’s actually the last DP port). Ubuntu successfully gets the main monitor as #1 and the secondary as monitor #2 (I suppose this is because I plugged the LG to the right of the main monitor).

My system won’t wake reliably from suspend or hibernation. I confirmed that the secondary monitor isn’t the culprit, as it also happens if I don’t plug it.

With the default kernel (4.4), the monitors would remain black after wake. I updated the kernel to 4.8.15 because I was told that it was better tuned for Skylake. With this kernel, I was able to recover sometimes from suspend and hibernation, but it’s unreliable: It sometimes wakes with a wrong resolution and the secondary monitor in black (which gets fixed if I unplug and plug again the secondary monitor). Other times it won’t wake up at all. Other times a single line error (likely a kernel error) is displayed at the top of the main monitor. Other times I see some screen corruption that seems to “auto repair” after a few seconds.

My question is: Is this a known issue? Or should suspend/hibernation work with my config? If affirmative, what should I change in my system for it to work?

Should I file a bug about this, or are you already aware of it?

I really need to get reliable suspend/hibernation in my box, so please any advice will be greatly helpful!!

Thanks in advance.

I guess I should file a formal bug report about this, because suspend and hibernate are very important for me. What would be the current recommended way for a formal bug report? This forum or some email address from NVIDIA? Thanks!!

(Pinned page re filing a bug report)
If you have a problem, PLEASE read this first - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Check out the last couple of pages for clues:

(SOLVED) resume from suspend not working with 980 Ti, drivers 352 - 370, kernels 3.16 - 4.4 - NVIDIA Developer Forums

As an observation, the resume from suspend help threads on this site mainly involve DDR4-era Intel-based motherboards with either Pascal or Maxwell-based cards. My rig doesn’t suffer from this issue as long as I don’t use a PCI card.

Yes, I did read the pinned page. But my question is that I’m not sure if this forum is the primary channel for bug reports of Linux graphics drivers, or if there’s any email address or web-based bug reporter, so that you get a ticket and be informed of the bug status.

Moreover, by reading the forum, I’m still not sure if this forum is only for CUDA developers, or also for non-CUDA graphics developers (OpenGL in my case).

For example, your advice for getting suspend/hibernate working is to install the CUDA toolkit, but I’m not developing for CUDA, so I find it a bit weird that installing an SDK I don’t use at the moment will fix the graphics driver…

You still haven’t attached a bug report to your OP in aid of assisting a moderator who may find this thread. Action > inaction.

The scope of this forum can be determined via an examination of its topics and threads.

I offered no advice, only a suggestion which did not include installing anything.

Are you employing any PCI cards in your system? If so, have you tried temporarily removing them?

I did ask in the first post if suspend/hibernation should work on Pascal cards in Linux with Skylake, or if it was known to be currently broken, and I offered to submit a log file if it would help. Got no reply but saw that the forum seems full of issues related to suspend/hibernation, so I concluded it’s known to be broken.

So, is this the official channel for Linux drivers bug reports, or is there any other more official channel where you could submit a bug and track its status?

EDIT: If this was the official support channel, I’d expect some kind of reply in the lines of “yes, we are aware of the issue and working on it”, or “no, we are not aware of this, please submit a log file for further support”, or “please open a ticket at [some URL]”. Got no reply, so, I absolutely don’t know where, when, and how to proceed.

PM a moderator and heed point #2 in particular.

If you have a problem, PLEASE read this first - NVIDIA Developer Forums