Linux 4 Tegra development header files

I have an Avionics Meerkat TK1 based board and I am trying to cross compile Qt with OpenGL an GStreamer 1.0 support for it.

I followed the instructions here to create a file system using busybox:

My plan was then to use the arm compiler on my host machine and use this rootfs to build qt. However, I notice that the include files for OpenGL or Gstreamer is not found in the rootfs. How can I create a rootfs which will contain all the development include files that I need for cross-compiling qt (in particular I am interested in OpenGL, GStreamer and Alsa).

If anyone has any experience with this and can help, I would really appreciate it. I have an urgent requirement and am stuck because of this!

We do not have official support for QT and wish other users can share experiences. Thanks.