How to create embedded file system from busybox

Hi All,

We have received one Jetson Tegra K1 development board.
We don’t want to use Ubuntu bases sample file system(21.2) given with packages.
We want to build the the embedded file system with busybox which has limited binary and libraries.
We have followed the steps given in the below link but the kernel hangs after sometime.

Can someone has generated embedded file system with busysbox for jetson nvidia tegra k1 board ? Can you please give steps how to build file system using busybox ?

Is there any other way ?

Thank you.

Doesn’t the wiki page exactly give you the steps to build a file system using busybox?

If you are OK using Ubuntu but don’t want the full rootfs, you can create your own with debootstrap as well. I did that for a tegra3 based device. You can get the idea from my instructions for it:

You should use a normal directory instead of the USB stick and use Trusty instead of Raring. And install the packages you want instead of the ones I list there. And instead of the stuff under “Install Tegra 3 proprietary binaries” you need to follow the busybox instructions above to get the Tegra K1 binaries in.