New To Tegra - need initial setup guide for embedded development

I am new to Tegra (got a Jetson KT1 board) recently.
My objective is to implement real time Imaging/image processing/signal processing applications on the Tegra K1 device. Have been using DSP processors so far. I am exploring Tegra for our medical imaging application.
Can someone direct me to the initial setup guide that would help me figure out hoe to set the board up for embedded development, setup the tools and to be able to build and download code to the deice on the KT1 board and execute.
What I am looking for is the right first “How To” document (single or set of documents).

Somnath Banik

  1. Install the NVIDIA Linux driver binary release
  2. Join CUDA Registered Developer Program
  3. From a network-connected TK1, login and download CUDA 6.0 Toolkit for L4T using wget or browser
  4. Open CUDA 6.0 Getting Started with Linux Guide PDF
  5. Jump to L4T section in PDF and follow instructions for installing CUDA Toolkit
  6. Perform post-installation operations described in PDF
  7. Make a writable copy of the CUDA Samples and make them all as described in PDF

After that… other people can make suggestions. :)

Thanks for your help. Have been able to download & install the CUDA toolkit and followed post installations operations.
‘make’ failed, most likely because I haven’t yet made a writable copy.