"About" Jetson TK1

I’ve tried to get info about the OS installed on the Jetson TK1 clicking on “About This Computer” and nothing comes out, and “System Settings” does not open anymore.
Instead, going (after having reboot the system) to “System Settings” > “Details” makes “System Settings” freeze.
Anyone else facing the same issue?
Is there a Getting Started Guide?

yes I have the same problem, OS bug

Cool. If I can ask, what the ~/NVIDIA-INSTALLER/installer.sh installs are the drivers, right?
What about the Cuda SKD?
I’ve applied to be a whatever-developer, but I’m still waiting for a confirmation… I din’t have to wait a thing for x86 Ubuntu Cuda SDK. Is this stuff normal?! o.O

Adding to talam’s comment, see release notes 2.4:


Regarding CUDA SDK, after you get confirmation (needed for downloads):

Login to the board, download the toolkit:


Read the getting started guide (especially sections 3.7, 5.0):


I had no problem building/running the examples after the above.

From my “User” page I can read:

Basic Registered Developer Profile - OK
CUDA/GPU Computing Registered Developer Program - Submitted

The rest is “Apply”. Am I missing something?
I have to test some Cuda code I’m using on a x86, but I don’t have the Cuda SDK on the Jetson yet…

I got the developer registration acceptance in a couple of hours, but that was 3 years ago…

It took a whole day, but now I managed to download the Cuda SDK.
Let’s start to rock! :D

I’m trying to get the developer kit, and I’m unfamiliar with Linux, and I’m revisiting the task as time allows (about once every two weeks). I’ve downloaded the CUDA SDK (6.0?) but have no idea what that achieves. I’ve read through the general purpose “Getting Started w Linux” guide, and in particular section 3.7. Step 2 leaves me hanging. What goes in the , , and fields when trying to get the SDK for the Jetson TK1 that’s been sitting quietly on my desk for a few weeks now? Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve sent emails to NVIDIA through the whatever-developer “contact us” facility, but I’ve heard nothing back. I’ve got this “CUDA C Programming” book, 2014, and it alludes to “nvcc”, but I don’t believe I have that on my system yet. There are several “getting started guides” offered on this forum. But they seem geared to people who use the Jetson daily.

This likely won’t answer things, but will give you some starting info.

Kernel is in the middle and thinks entirely in low level functionality like drivers, while the shell surrounds the kernel and is the first human interface to kernel. The GUI is similar to shell, but it runs graphics mode and supports graphical applications (the X11 server plus window manager). Linux is actually the kernel. Different philosophies and packaging systems for different tastes results in a “distribution”. In the case of Jetson, it is linux because of the kernel. It is Ubuntu LTS 14.04 for distribution and administrative information on Ubuntu applies to Jetson. Sometimes it is called L4T (Linux for Tegra) because the kernel and surrounding Ubuntu have been touched up to deal with various nVidia Tegra SoC (System on a Chip).


  • Jetson is a Tegra 12x series SoC, specifically Tegra 124.
  • The board the Tegra chip sits on is a pm375.
  • Kernel is linux 3.10.24 modified somewhat.
  • Distribution and packaging handled by Ubuntu, except for files specifically updated by nVidia. Read up on Ubuntu linux for non-nVidia-specific parts.
  • This and many Tegra series chips are based on the ARMv7 architecture. Jetson is specifically a quad core Arm Cortex A15 with a Kepler GPU. This series is 32 bit
  • Current version of CUDA provided which works on ARMv7 is 6.0.