CUDA not working on Jetson k1

After having followed instruction on, and build all the cuda examples, I cannot run any example at all…

For example:

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/NVIDIA_CUDA-6.0_Samples/0_Simple/matrixMul$ ./matrixMul 
[Matrix Multiply Using CUDA] - Starting...
cudaGetDevice returned error code 35, line(396)
cudaGetDeviceProperties returned error code 35, line(409)
MatrixA(160,160), MatrixB(320,160)
cudaMalloc d_A returned error code 35, line(164)

Any idea?

It seems that there is no nvdia driver installed on my jetson.
Is it possible?

You need to follow exactly these doc:

Thanks Arcangeli for the quick reply.
Why Do I have to reinstall everything to make CUDA working?


You do not need to reinstall everything.
If you followed the quick start guide (l4t) and your jetson work perfectly, follow the CUDA guide only. Particulary the 3.7. L4T chapter…

Mmm… the quick start guide explains how to install L4T on the Jetson.
But my jetson k1 came preloaded with L4T.
So I’m confused, you are suggesting me to reinstall entirely the OS… the question is: why?

Is it not possible to install CUDA on the preloaded version?
Which differences between the preloaded l4t and that one you suggest to install?

Sorry, but I’m a bit confused…

If l4T work, do not reinstall it and follow the CUDA_Getting_Started_Linux.pdf. Particulary the chapter 3.7. L4T.
CUDA is not preinstalled on the jetson. Only L4T…

Solved! I had to launch /home/ubuntu/NVIDIA-INSTALLER/ to install properly the cuda drivers.


Also you might want the new L4T. It’s higher version Ubuntu, 14.04 Ubuntu is L4T 19.2.

Previous version, shipped installed with board, is Ubuntu 13.0x, not Long Term Support (“LTS”) like Ubuntu 14.04. Thus we recommend to install the new system. Maybe install to external USB drive, very useful because with this you get swap-space and lots of room to expand.

My jetson k1 was shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS preinstalled! :D

I’m a lucky guy :D

L4T is NVIDIA’s official spin of Ubuntu, that will be released very often (probably much more often than releases of Ubuntu). So if you got one of the early Jetson TK1 boards then it would have an early L4T based on Ubuntu 13.04 or Ubuntu 13.10, while the current shipping boards come preloaded with L4T 19.2 that is based on Ubuntu 14.04. So if your board came with L4T 19.2 then you don’t need to upgrade yet, while older boards are recommended to upgrade to L4T 19.2.

Once you have L4T 19.2, you should install the CUDA Toolkit (such as by following that is basically a compact version of the full CUDA Getting Started Guide