CUDA 6.5 RC -- Install with CAUTION

I received mail from NVidia invitimg me to download and install the CUDA 6.5 RC package.

I need to warn people DO NOT INSTALL the cuda-drivers package! It will replace your Tegra drivers with x86 drivers. You will have to reinstall the whole OS.

Everything else seems to work just fine. Careful with that apt-get!

Good to know that it works!

The “cuda-drivers” package does not work. The rest of it?

Too early to tell. It took me a few hours to install the 19.3 L4T over the old OS on my external drive, and to do the little patch-up jobs of recovery. I’ll go ahead and build the examples and run the tests later. But for now, I am just happy to have my graphics back. That being, after all, the whole point of the Jetson.

I did the exact same thing with the CUDA 6.5 pre-release so I feel your pain. Remarkably it’s an unwindable mistake as you’ve learned.

I’m about 80% through flashing the TK1 with 19.3. The USB flashing stage is very slow. :)

Ah, too bad, the TK1 is not ready for CUDA 6.5: “-> CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version”

An “apt-get --purge autoremove cuda-toolkit-6-5” completely scrubbed 6.5 from the TK1. :)

6.5RC is not available for L4T, please do not install the armv7 package on your system.

@allanmac: Did that push the TK1 drivers back into place or did you have to do as I did, just go ahead and move up to 193 L4T? I see you are installing it anyway, not certain if that was the only way you could get your graphics working again.

I’ll take it under advisement, then, not to re-install the 6.5RC to the 19.3, until I hear differently from one of the NVidia people on this board. That being said, and drifting off topic (or on-topic but out-of-scope), I’ve got a Debian “wheezy” 64-bit workstation and have a GeForce 660 coming in the mail. However the CUDA software package closest to Debian is for Ubuntu, not certain it would work with Debian and the new card. I guess I will find out soon. ;)


I only tried installing the toolkit on a fresh 19.3. A dry-run showed that no drivers would be installed.

I then purged 6.5 and installed the L4T 6.0 CUDA toolkit.

FYI , the 19.3 driver reports that it supports CUDA 6.0/6.0 runtime/driver APIs.

I’m looking forward to 6.5 because I have a pile of kernels that compile very slowly on 6.0… but super quickly on 6.5!