Linux CUDA C++ Using MSBuild/vcxproj Projects

Is it possible to set up a Linux Visual Studio MSBuild project that includes CUDA C++ code, or is the MSBuild support for CUDA C++ a Windows-only feature?

Visual Studio provides a template for setting up Linux MSBuild projects, as documented here:

I am also able to create a Windows MSBuild project for CUDA C++. However, I haven’t found a way to use the Linux MSBuild template together with CUDA C++ code. I’m using Visual Studio Professional 2019 and CUDA Build Tools 11.1.

I know that CMake is an option for cross-platform CUDA, but I have some existing Linux MSBuild projects (non-CUDA) that I’d like to reference, so it would be more convenient to set up my CUDA code as a Linux MSBuild project rather than having to recreate my existing projects as CMake in order to reference them. Is this a possibility, or is this an unsupported configuration?