Linux .run file procedures for Ubuntu 19.10?

There used to be a manual on how to install the .run files from Nvidia.
After making the .run files executable,
Do CTRL + ALT + F1 or F2, then,
sudo service LDDM/lightdm/SDDM stop (whatever display manager was running), then,
Sudo init 3,
Then after logging in again, going to the download directory, and type:
sudo ./

This procedure no longer works on Lubuntu 19.10.

How do we go about this with 19.10?

Please don’t tell me to install the .deb files, because they only work for single gpu systems (multi gpu systems give desktop errors).

What errors show up? In what regard are the repo driver not fitting for multi-gpu? It’s the same drivers, the config has to be done anyway.

I’ve just talked to someone who says the situation used to be (on Ubuntu 16 and 18), that the deb packages don’t allow you to add a GPU.
Once installed, they work for the cards that are installed.
In my case, it didn’t.
I always ended up with desktop errors.
When the mouse goes off screen, it never comes back on.
Desktop crashes.
No desktop background picture (or the background is the same as the last program window that was opened; like a ghost of the program)…

Though I’ve never had any issues with the repository .deb packages on a single GPU.

Do note, I mainly use Lubuntu (with LDDM/LightDM and now SDDM).

Using monitors at multiple gpus always requires setting up Xinerama or basemosaic if a desktop spanning all monitors is desired. The installed driver will in any case pick up any gpu it’s compatible to regardless of when you installed it.

The GPU setup so for crunching.
I have learned recently that what causes the desktop crash errors from the Deb packages, is when the command ‘sudo nvidia-xconfig --enable-all-gpus’ is enabled, and after the system is rebooted (with the ‘all-gpus’ setting enabled).

I have also learned that the files don’t give this error,for as long as no other display, or dummy plug is inserted.

I also learned that the Nvidia drivers do install, but now need the ‘sudo update-initramfs -u’.

I presume issues with installing were related by the nouveau drivers to be loaded way earlier in the boot procedure, as well as Linux booting from a ram file, probably for faster booting.

Unfortunately,Boinc requires me to plug a dummy plug in my 3rd GPU, or else it’s not recognized.

Do i still need to set up xinerama, even if I only use 1 desktop, and 1 monitor?

I have yet to find a solution to make boinc run all my GPUs without crashing the desktop, both from the run files, or the repository Deb files.

Xinerama is not needed in your setup.

Still doesn’t answer the question though,
Linux is NOT well supported by Nvidia (when using Coolbits, the whole desktop experience is hampered)
The last stable release that could use the .run files is 18.10.
The last active stable release is 18.04 LTS, where the .run files work relatively ‘properly’.
Though with updates to a new kernel, even 18.04 is starting to have issues.

The deb files from existing Linux versions, work only for single GPUs; or multi GPU without cool-bits enabled.

Again, once --enable-all-gpus is set (a prerequisite for --cool-bits; even without enabling cool-bits), the desktop crashes.

Something must be done about this!
It’s a problem on ALL linux versions!
ALL *buntu/Debian/Mint versions…