How do I unistall NVDIA*.run files

What is the command to uninstall NVIDIA run files? I have to on my PC right now that I want to get off.

./NVIDIA***.run --unistall

will not work.



The -uninstall flag currently only removes a driver installed using the runfile. We hope to provide a way to uninstall the runfile in the future. For now, you should be able to remove the directories where you installed the toolkit and samples (usually /usr/local/cuda-5.5/ and /home//NVIDIA_CUDA-5.5_Samples).


I’m looking for help installing the nvidia files on ubuntu linux 12.04.2/from terminal. Reading about it I found this, which may help you:

apt-get remove nvidia*

to get rid of all existing files, then:
telinit 3
sh NVI*.run

Found it here:

Or else, look here, a bit down the post:

If you got time, please help me with the command in Ubuntu Linux 12.04.2 to apt-get/download and install the newest driver for MSI GeForce GT610 2Gb. I’m building a Linux Boinc Server where the GPU will run as well. Just need the right command… ;)

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That reference is exactly what I used when I installed the NVIDIA drivers. You must shutdown the gui. Biot to level 3.

hope it helps.

Hi Moone ;)

A little late, but I have to let you know, that I was unspecific about my system. What I was/am trying to do, is to make a CLI system, with the minimum installation to run Boinc and using the GPU/GPU’s for crunching data.
I’ve been fighting this ever since, still no luck. The problem is that you need X to make the GPU run on OpenCL. Some in the same situation as me tried to make the GPU run using Wine, but most of the guys trying this gives in, and returns to the GUI method. It’s to bad, because when a guy, just like me, invest in several real OK computers only to do number crunching, it’s impossible to make a system with only CLI based environments. I’m running to test systems right now, one using Lose’dows and one running the Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.4 to compare these to GUI systems. Then, if I succeed, I will compare these results against the results from the CLI based system. I’ve already got a pretty good idea of the result. Because the CLI Ubuntu test I made did a much better job without the GPU than Ubuntu GUI did with the GPU! OK, it’s not the most hardcore GPU (Asus GeForce GT640) but it’s a good little workhorse ;)
I’ve got to know a guy from in here, “Gert-Jan”, a very clever fellow from the Netherlands. He made 100% CLI installation with a absolute minimum installation of Ubuntu 12.04. I’m currently on my knees to have him help me ;)

Kind Regards,
Dan Hansen

Sorry about the late answer.
And thanks for answering me, not many do!

Here’s the system I’m testing and the Rack I’m building for Boinc, SETI & Asteroid. If we succeed ;)