How do I install CUDA 5.5?

Hi! I’m new at CUDA, so please help :)
I downloaded (I use Ubuntu 12.04 32bit) and followed the instructions. Thus I installed cuda driver, right?
Anyway cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version gives this:

NVRM version: NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module 331.49 Wed Feb 12 19:57:37 PST 2014
GCC version: gcc версия 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.6.3-1ubuntu5)

Now I need to install Cuda Toolkit and Samples. At the it’s said that installer includes driver, toolkit and SDK samples. But I it looks like I’ve got only driver installed. Should I extract the file I downloaded? How to extract .run files?

rule number 1 - dont expect to find everything you need in the install notes or nvidia website.
I’m still going through the pain for the 4th time. I can only advise you not to make the same mistake i made which was to yum update fedora 18 - it will take you to an apparently unsupported version of the linux kernel. good luck is a driver installer only.

You would need to download one of the .run file installers at the cuda-downloads page you linked, which will include 3 installers, one for the driver, one for the toolkit, and one for the samples. You will be prompted for each.