Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 418.88 [long-lived branch release]

Release highlights since 418.74:

    * Added support for the following GPUs: * Quadro P520 * Quadro RTX 3000 * Quadro RTX 3000 with Max-Q Design * Quadro RTX 4000 with Max-Q Design * Quadro RTX 5000 with Max-Q Design * Quadro T1000 * Quadro T2000
    • Fixed a bug, introduced in 415.13, that caused audio over DisplayPort to
      not work in some configurations.

    • Updated to search the systemd journal for
      gdm-x-session logs.

    • Added support to nvidia-installer for systems which provide ncurses
      libraries supporting the ncurses widechar ABI only.

    • Updated nvidia-installer to avoid problems with commands whose proper
      functionality may be dependent on system localization (e.g. via the
      LANG environment variable.) For example, some kernel configurations
      may produce unusable kernel modules if LANG is set to a language
      other than English.

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