Linux tool "perf" not working

I am trying to benchmark the Cortex A57 core on the Jetson TX1 and I want to use “perf stat” to get access to the underlying hardware event counters that are available.

If I try to use /usr/bin/perf, I get the following error message:

But if I try to use “apt-get” to install linux-tools-3.10.96, I get the error

I have installed other linux tools (eg., linux-tools-generic) and I have opened up my apt-get to the larger, permissive universe. I realize though that I’m actually running kernel (“uname -r”) 3.10.96-tegra, which may be too different? If I list out “linux-tools*”, everything is for kernel >4.0.

I have also tried another tack – I built “perf” from the Linux source code. It builds (in auto-discovering, the only thing missing is “get_cupid: OFF”), but when I try and run it, I get the following output (’./perf stat ls’):

My perf built from source is unable to read any of the available hardware event counters.

Has anyone else found success running “perf stat” on a Jetson TX1?

You can download the kernel/perf tools from below link and build/install the perf on TX1.

  1. extra the kernel source.
  2. cd kernel/tools/perf
  3. make
    4 .make install