perf tools on Jetson TX2


I try to install the perf tools on Jetson TX2, the linux kernel version is 4.4.38-tegra, and I use Jetpack 3.2. But when I use sudo apt-get install linux-tools-4.4.38-tegra, it shows unable to locate package.

Did someone do same things before? Or is there some method to install perf tools on Jetson Tx2?


Presumably you would have to get a source version and compile it against a kernel source tree configured the same as your “/proc/config.gz”. I don’t know what all is provided in “linux-tools-*”, but it appears to be dependent upon the exact hardware-dependent parts of the kernel which will differ between every single version (there are lots of versions available even for the same kernel release…the different patch levels all have their own release).

I couldn’t tell you what is needed, but you might ask whoever the package provider is if there is a source version available which can be compiled against custom modified 4.4.38 kernels when you have the full kernel source and configuration available.

Alternatively you might want to mention some specific goal from a specific part of the package you want to accomplish…there may be an alternate way of doing it.

Hi, I’m also interested in installing perf on the TX2.
I use jetpack 3.1 with a custom kernel v4.4.15.

When I use perf from linux-tools-common installed with apt-get, it gives me the message:
WARNING: perf not found for kernel 4.4.15-TX2

It seems we have to do what @linuxdev suggest, but I’m not sure how to do that.

Did you manage to get it working ?

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