LIVESTREAM 4/8 at 12PM PDT: Unreal Engine 5 Omniverse Connector & EDSTUDIOS Spotlight

This week’s livestream will be Friday April 8 at 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT / 9PM CET, and will celebrate this week’s Unreal Engine 5 launch and the related Omniverse Connector! We will have a couple of very special guests: Edward McEvenue from EDSTUDIOS (who just produced a tutorial about using UE5 and Omniverse) and Lou Rohan, Sr. Software Engineer. From Edward’s site: “My name is Edward McEvenue, I am a 3D & Motion Graphics artist with over 10+ years experience in the industry. I primarily use 3ds Max, Vray/Redshift, TyFlow, After Effects, Unreal Engine and Nvidia Omniverse Create with many tools in-between. Let’s create some amazing content together.”

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NEW: we started a #livestreams channel on the Omniverse Discord so you can begin to discuss this livestream now and ask any questions for us to answer during the livestream. As usual, we will head to our Discord’s Community Voice Chat Channel following the livestream to hang out some more with you! Cats are always welcome, too!

Check out Edward McEvenue’s (EDSTUDIOS) great tutorial on Unreal 5 and Omniverse: Exporting from Unreal Engine 5 to Nvidia Omniverse Create - YouTube