Livestream: Architecting 3D Environments With Autodesk and OpenUSD [Wed. Oct 8 @ 11am PDT]

This Wednesday, Nov 8 at 11am PDT, we’ll be featuring Autodesk workflows (with an eye towards AECO) with special guests including Omniverse Ambassador, Eric Craft, community member Louie Technology, and NVIDIA’s Richard Yarlett!

• Eric will show & tell an example workflow leveraging Autodesk Revit.
• Richard will share his archviz workflow from Autodesk 3ds Max to USD Composer.
• Louie will show a recent project that he modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk 3ds Max, uv’d in RizomUV, and textured in Adobe Substance 3D before sending the model and texture data over to USD Composer to set up his scene.

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