Livestream: Industrial Inspection with OpenUSD and AI [Wed. June 26 at 11am PDT]

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Please join us for our weekly livestream with members from the Omniverse team, partners, and special guests from the community as we dive into the latest OpenUSD and Omniverse announcements, features, and workflows.

Join Nandu Vellal, co-founder of nAurava Technologies and an active member of the Omniverse community, for an insightful livestream on leveraging OpenUSD for industrial asset inspections. Learn how nAurava utilizes OpenUSD to detect manufacturing and service defects with digital twins and synthetic data , ensuring quality contro l and minimizing safety issues. Nandu will also discuss the inspiration behind starting the OpenUSD study group, where he shares personal experiences, resources, and knowledge to help the community begin their journey with OpenUSD. Discover the benefits Nandu has experienced as a member of the Omniverse community

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