LIVESTREAM: Omniverse Developer Spotlight: Yutaka Toshisaka (aka ft-lab)

In today’s livestream we will have an interview with a very talented developer from Japan, Yutaka Toshisaka, who has been exploring Omniverse since the beginning. Many people in the community will recognize him from his amazing posts on social media ( and on the Omniverse forums (Profile - ft-lab - NVIDIA Developer Forums), where he is known as “ft-lab”.

We will also review some of the Omniverse sessions coming up at GTC in less than 2 weeks.

We’ll be broadcasting to Twitch and YouTube:

Following the livestream, we will jump over to the Omniverse Community Voice Chat to chat…hope to see you there!

Here’s a Discord reminder link to opt-in and receive a notification when we go live: